SottomurazioniConsolidation of the foundations with frameworks in reinforced concrete.  Such structures generally are thrown to under the foundations or pre-existing concrete bed, for works of modest entity or, in case is necessary to reach layers of more resisting ground with foundation pile in reinforced concrete connected between them.  

Lavori stradali e viadotti


The special experience in execution of  viaducts of  large light found an extensive application, like for the Site of San Lorenzo al Mare contributing so significantly to the completion of such road artery of fundamental importance. 


Parcheggi MultipianoAccomplishment of parking with special attention to the reduction of intervention’s environmental impact and with adoption of construction’s systems tested in different solutions, adapt to public and private accomplishment. We guarantee the high quality of the elements of construction in concrete, aluminum and steel conceived with a high prefabrication that allow a swift execution and modularity. 



The MQ HOLDING SRL boasts decades of experience in the creation of reinforced concrete, making use of skilled labor, constantly trained and updated to the use of modern equipment and safe. 

Continuing education allows the use of internal staff for all types of the construction industry, gaining experience, professionalism and dynamism that allow workmanlike achievements.

For the construction of a hydroelectric power station we rely on experienced staff below some images of work done.


Tetti in legno e coperture

Assembly of  small and great cover in wood. The current applications go from the covers for civil rooms, pavilions and covers of great structures. The roofs in wood, thanks to their lightness, represent the ideal solution also for restructures of historical buildings as they demand structural reinforces less invasive and, consequently, less expensive. 

The roofs in wood, thanks to excellent  thermo insulated properties and hygroscopic ones, bound to an optimal resistance to the fire, represent a constructive solution of absolute prestige.

Tecniche all'avanguardiaMQ Holding, thanks to matured experience, propose itself on the market as an enterprise of buildings ‘constructions to the vanguard in its services offered and the selection of products and technologies that guarantee elevated performance in terms of well-being and of energetic efficiency; it is a society that realizes constructions with traditional techniques and in bio-construction industry to energetic saving and carries out the energetic requalification of existing buildings.


Opere in cemento armatoMQ Holding boasts an experience of more than ten years in execution of works in reinforced concrete, making use of workers constantly formed and up-to-date to the use of  secure instrumentations.  The continuous formation allows employment of personnel to build every kind of carpentry, ripening experience, professionalism and dynamism that allow accomplishment to rule of art.